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More THOUGHTS on the Broudy Project

While many of the questions posed in my previous editorial on the Broudy Project still have not been answered, more questions arise, and there are more uncertainties as to what will actually be included in the Broudy Project.   

Since my first editorial, both the MOD ordinances and the Broudy project continue to be linked together at public meetings, despite questions by others as well as myself, as to why is an ordinance being created especially for Barry Broudy. Most recently they were linked together on the July 11 First Reading of all four ordinances, where they were quickly passed with very little discussion.  

It doesn’t seem that many people involved have really closely read the actual MOD (Mobility Oriented Development) ordinances, but are only hearing what they want to hear, and are depending on “trust” that everything will turn out to be what they want to see.  

Most people do NOT understand that a REGULAR ZONING category, which an MOD will be, leaves everything up to what the developer deems most profitable.

ONLY a PUD (Planned Unit Development) locks in the plans.  

Broudy’s  visions hard to nail down, because everything is just CONCEPT drawings, and as long as he refuses to consider a PUD, then there are no guarantees as to what will be built there.  As long as the Broudy Project is simply a VISION, none of us know WHAT is planned. It is simply described as “Reimagining West King”…something that we ALL want to see happen.

Until there are solid plans, NOTHING can be questioned, which is to the advantage of ANY developer, be they local or from the outside.  

Instead, Broudy can get everyone focus on giving him a MOD zoning category that will give him the maximum return on his land. This is simply good business. 

So it is up to the citizens of St. Augustine to QUESTION not only what is in the MOD, but what will the “Broudy  Project” actually be.  My next article will be a LIST of questions to ask your City Commissioner BEFORE Second Reading.

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