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"It's hard to imagine anyone who will serve our City better than Melinda. Her years as an active and knowledgeable defender of our history speak volumes. She does more than "talk the talk"--and has earned your vote."   — Nancy Shaver
Former St. Augustine Mayor

"I have known Melinda for 40 years or more, and have been so thankful for her long activity to preserve our historic neighborhoods and keep them livable. As a City Commissioner, I know that she will exhibit the same thoroughness and mastery of detail in doing the people's business. Woe be to the unscrupulous developer who tries to pull a fast one against the public interest while Melinda is our watchdog!" — David Nolan
St. Augustine historian

"I give Melinda the credit for stopping the approval of a 12 pump gas station 7/11 at the corner of May Street and A1A.  As a result of that action, the city and FDOT came together to purchase the properties, which then resulted in our "Peanut" roundabout.  This has made most of any backup from the bridge disappear.  People, who were unable to visualize and who nay-sayed that project, now realize what a benefit that has become and makes it possible for Deaf and Blind students not to fear crossing there.  Melinda was the driving force to get that complicated plan in motion.  She formed the neighborhood committee and had meetings at her house.  I was one of the ones who stood hours at the intersection and on the bridge waving No 7/11 signs.  I still have my tee shirt in the closet.  She then headed up a citizens city mobility committee which resulted in not only the city hiring a full Mobility planner, Reuben Franklin, who has since moved on to become head of Public Works and Mobility.  This has resulted into putting into action a serious viable plan for solving mobility problems in the city. No one deserves to sit in a city commission seat more than Melinda.  I can't wait to see what additional positive programs she may initiate."

— Sacha Martin
Newspaper Editor

"Melinda did an amazing job ensuring that a traffic disaster (putting a 7-Eleven on the corner) was averted and the previous traffic nightmare was significantly improved and traffic now flows amazingly." 

— Jeanne Prickett
Retired President of FSDB

"I have known Melinda since the 1980's, and joined her in neighborhood and historic preservation work for many years.  She is always well prepared for discussion, has innovative ideas, and works tirelessly for her causes.  She will be a really energetic and loyal City Commissioner." — Janis Versaggi Williams
St. Augustine Native

"Melinda has been consistently involved in all the important issues."

— Rick Spence

"Melinda, You are always on the job!"

— Becky Greenberg

"I regularly attend the City Commission meetings and have been very impressed whenever Melinda makes a presentation. Her comments have always been researched and only facts are presented. Her thoroughness and fairness are clear. As a City Commissioner ioner she will bring her many years of civic engagement to the fore and serve our City extremely well." — Mattie Harms

"I have known Melinda as a friend since 2008.  We are from opposite sides of the political spectrum but her "Moral Compass" is as true as it comes.  She will represent you well."    — Robert Lando
President Ace Iron & Metal Co.

Committee to Elect Melinda Rakoncay
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